GACSN- COVID-19 update

Dear parents, caregivers and volunteers ,

First, I hope you are all well and safe. We continue to stay home with Bob Macquarrie being closed. Right now, expect this will continue until May 30th which would be our last session. I know this must be disappointing for many, I know Dylan asks every week about Bob Macquarrie. I have the greatest hope that we will all be able to meet each other again in September. I hope everyone – you the participant our dedicated volunteers and of course parents and caregivers will come back in September. Normally at the end of year pot luck I would thank everyone for being part of our year and this year I have to do this through this letter. I would also wish everyone a safe and fun summer and I’ll do that too, it may just look different to what we normally have. But most of all, I do look forward to September when we can all return to GACSN on Saturdays and have some fun.


Robert Pangborn

*Attached is a letter for participants from the GACSN Coordinators and staff. We hope this helps!*

Take care,

Jessica Chikwanha

GACSN Letter to participants.pdf

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