Hello Everyone,

We are back at the St. Laurent Complex (525 Coté Street) for our final session before breaking for the Holidays. To celebrate a successful session, we are hosting our annual Holiday Potluck.​

Drop off will remain the same as last week, 1 pm at the Library entrance. Before the Potluck, we intend on visiting the pool, so please ensure to pack all swimming essentials.​

The Potluck will begin at 2:45 pm, at that time, we invite all caregivers to join us in the Visual Arts Room (located at the top of the ramp). The remainder of our afternoon will be spent enjoying the food, treats and company.​

Please use the link below to RSVP to this event and let us know if you’d like to bring something. ​​

Directions: Once invitation is open, it will ask you to RSVP. Please indicate how many people you will be bringing with you (not including your participant). You will then see a "To-Do" list with "Select Potluck Item". Please indicate what you will be bringing. Thank you! ​

*Note: We will provide juice and serving wear. Please bring what is needed to serve your dish.​*

Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone and we hope to see you then!​

​Jessica Chikwanha

Program Coordinator

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