Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful summer!

We are back for our first session this Saturday, September 8th, at the Bob MacQuarrie Centre .

In celebration of our return to program, we will be having a Glow Dance Party. Tic Tac Glow, and Glow in the Dark Play Dough, will also be incorporated into our afternoon. Glow sticks will be provided but you are welcome to bring in your own, if you’d like; we encourage everyone to dress in bright colours.

We are excited to be meeting with Janet from 1 pm to 2 pm, she will being introducing us to her fitness class. For her first session, Janet will be taking us outside to work with bubbles. Please assure to pack running shoes, gym clothes (shorts or light pants and a t-shirt) and a water bottle.

*Friendly reminder- Snack is now to be brought in individually*

We are so excited to see everyone!

Take care,

Jessica Chikwanha

Program Coordinator

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