Saturday June 4th + Family Year-End Survey

Hello Everyone,

As some of you might know, Jessica (Program Coordinator) is going to be absent for the month of June. I (Danielle-Assistant Program coordinator) will be taking over the role for the month with the help of Samiha as Assistant Program Coordinator.

This week, we will be having fun “Under the Sea”. We will be making a Jelly Fish as the craft and will have fun with an ocean themed sensory activity. If the weather is nice, we might spend some time outside, so please bring a hat, sunscreen, jacket, etc.

Please pack your swimming attire as we are plan on going to the pool.

Also, if all families can take a few minutes to complete this year-end survey, it would be greatly appreciated. You’ll find the link to the survey in the email communiqué you should have received on May 31. Let me know if you lost the link and I’ll resend it!

Have a wonderful week and see you on Saturday!


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